Innovation meets precision

The entire 29 Axis team is committed to maintaining an exorbitantly high standard of excellence. We pride ourselves on our meticulous quality control along with the patience and precision to get the task completed right the first time.

About Us
About Us

Our Core

  • 01.

    Keep Innovating.

  • 02.

    Execute with Excellence.

  • 03.

    Push Boundaries.

  • 04.

    Celebrate Comradery.

  • 05.

    Be Unique.

Found & CEO

Vic Keller

Vic is a career entrepreneur CEO with over 25 years’ experience building, growing, and leading a diverse portfolio of companies. He has a deep passion for manufacturing and through 29 Axis he hopes to fill an addressable need in the precision manufacturing marketplace.

Our History

29 Axis was born in late 2020 for the purpose of creating and manufacturing innovative and high-quality products for the Defense and Military industries. After in-depth research, we purchased the most sophisticated machines and recruited and hired highly skilled individuals to run the manufacturing process.

The company has seen tremendous growth since incorporation and has handled initial projects with ease. Ownership has continued to invest in machinery and talent to meet the demand that has occurred as 29 Axis’s brand recognition has accelerated over the past year.


29 Axis will be the premier machine shop in their fields of pursuit. Through outstanding customer service and world class on-time-delivery, we seek to become the supplier of choice for our clients.


We earn customer trust through our flexibility in scheduling and immediate response to their needs. Through the efficiencies of our operations we are able to provide high-quality work at competitive prices. We also are able to streamline communications with our clients to prevent quality control mishaps. Our operations have been built to ease customer worries from order to delivery and we seek to excel in our relations by providing project materials ahead of schedule and under budget.

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